Friday, September 16, 2011

One Ingredient Ice Cream (or two, or three)

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You really can make ice cream with only one ingredient.  And no, the one ingredient is not cream.  It's bananas.  So no, I guess you can't technically call it ice cream but I'm going to anyway.  Here is the oh so difficult recipe.

Slice a couple of very ripe bananas and freeze them two hours.  Then dump it in your food processer and turn it on.  Ta da!

It might look a little gritty at first but you keep going until it is soft serve consistency.  If you want you can then freeze it so that you can scoop it out like real ice cream.  Obviously this is going to be banana flavored ice cream.  It is not blue bell ice cream but it still tastes good AND it's healthy.  It's especially great if you can't have dairy or you want to give your kids a guilt free treat.  Add peanut butter for a two ingreadient ice cream.  I think nutella would really push it into the fantastic catagory but I haven't tried it yet.  I first saw the recipe for this HERE and you can find a few other versions HERE.

Last night I had planned on making the chocolate one for dessert.  Unfortunately, I didn't plan anything for dinner.  But reasoning that the ice cream was actually healthy I decided to have crepes with ice cream for dinner.  And THAT earned me a "thanks for a wonderful Mom" in Hyrum's prayer at dinner.

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