Saturday, March 3, 2012

Dessert Tacos

If you have cub scouts in your family you are probably familiar with Blue and Gold dinners.  It's a once a year celebration of Cub Scouts.  A birthday party for Cub Scouts if you will.  It's one of the biggest pack meetings of the year, second only to the pinewood derby.  In our pack, like many others, we have the tradition of the boys making a cake for the dessert.  The boys really get into it and are often planning long in advance what their cake will look like.  This year we had a fiesta theme.  There were some great cakes including a Nacho Libre cake, pinata cakes, and my son made tacos.  They aren't just any tacos because they are made of cake.  The shells are white chocolate, the "ground beef" is chocolate cake, and the lettuce and cheese are coconut.

The shells were the only thing that I really needed to help with.  To make the shells melt a package of white candy melts in a double boiler.  Use food coloring made for candy (oil based so it will mix) to get it the color of taco shells.  Scrape the cream out of one oreo and crush the cookie part in a plastic bag until it is fine crumbs.  Add the crumbs slowly to the chocolate until you get just enough specks in it.  It really doesn't take more that one cookies worth of crumbs.

Let the chocolate cool slightly.  I put a little of the chocolate into a piping bag and traced a circle on wax paper.  Then you can fill in the circle with a spatula.  Let it cool just a moment more on the wax paper.  When it thickens but is not hard, pull the sides up to shape like a taco.  I taped each end of wax paper to two boxes spaced an inch apart in the fridge.  In the fridge it only takes about a minute to harden.  The first time I did it the chocolate was too warm and most of it pooled at the bottom of the taco.  They really aren't as hard to make as they look.

I think it would be a great idea for April fools day as well.

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