Tuesday, April 3, 2012

TWD Pizza Rustica

So much to love and so much to not love in this recipe.  The kids were sorely disappointed to find that this pizza was not what they were thinking of.  In truth it took some coaxing to get them to finish eating it for dinner.  Let's start with the bad news first.  The filling was rather uneventful.  In addition to the prosciutto I added about 4 oz of salami.  I think it helped.  The filling really is mostly just cheese (ricotta, mozzarella, and romano).  That is a lot of cheese.  I ate it slightly warm the first day (the recipe said to let it cool completely).  I thought it tasted just ok.  I ate it the next day cold and thought it tasted a lot better.  Even though it tasted better, it wasn't good enough that I will be making it again.

The crust however I intend to perfect.  I found it very difficult to work with, but incredibly delicious to eat.  It was very sweet and would be great with fruit pies.  I loved this crust (I hated it when I was trying to roll it out though).  There is another recipe in the book that uses this dough for a cookie.  I will try it with cookies, I will try it with pies.  This dough recipe will be on my repeat list.  To try the recipe check out Capital Region Dining Blog or The Place They Call Home, or get the cookbook Baking with Julia.


  1. My husband kept calling it an Italian quiche, so the kids didn't expect a thin crust pizza. That said, one still refused to eat it.
    I loved the crust, too and also think it would be perfect with a fruit filling, although I also liked it with the cheese filling.

  2. So sorry you had a few issues and did not like it so much. It looks wonderful!

  3. I don't know why this crust was so hard to work with. I found it to be unexpectedly fragile. That said, it tasted great when it baked up. I agree with you that this is worth perfecting for dessert!

  4. I fought with my crust the entire way, too! Tasty and came out surprisingly well (though not with the savory filling), but I spent a lot of time cursing and threatening it :P

  5. We called it a ricotta pie, so I think I managed everyone's expectations on this one :-)
    The dough was a dream to work with and definitely has other uses.


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