Tuesday, June 5, 2012

TWD Oasis Naan

I LOVE naan and was really looking forward to this recipe.  However I got my dates mixed up and I thought I still had another week for this recipe.  So I made this at the very last minute and I am barely going to get this posted on Tuesday.

I have made naan before so I was curious as to how different this recipe would be.  I will have to make both and do a side by side taste test because as it ends up I liked them both.  I just can't tell which I like better.  I do like the toppings for the Oasis Naan.  The Oasis Naan was topped with thinly sliced scallions, salt, and cumin seeds.  I will definitely be cooking it with that combination again.   I will also try pricking the center with a fork.  I think it was just to keep the center flat and let the edges raise.

I only made a few small changes to the recipe based on  my past experience with making naan.  I baked them on a hot pizza stone as directed but I turned my broiler on which helped get some blackened portions like tandori naan.  Doing it this way the naan only needed to be baked for about 3 minutes instead of the 5-6.

Overall it was a great recipe.  I will make it again and play with it along with my usual naan recipe, and try to perfect naan.  You can get the recipe for Oasis Naan at Always add more Butter, and Of Cabbages & King Cakes.  Or of course you can go straight to the source and get it from Baking with Julia.

Be sure to check back here in two weeks when I get to host the TWD challenge of making French Strawberry Cake.  I've already made it and it was delicious (I'm so glad I didn't end up hosting for a recipe I didn't like).  I'll be making the strawberry cake again this week.


  1. Glad you made the naan. I like your idea of turning on the broiler. I felt the naan lacked browning even though I cooked it longer. I do know it is a great basic recipe with room to play!
    Can't wait to try the strawberry cake!

  2. I liked the chewiness of this naan compared to the other one I've made which has some fat (melted butter and yogurt) in it. I too have to cheat to get some browning on top; I had to flip them over on the stone on the grill.

  3. You thought it was next week, and I thought it was LAST week! Haha! I had the naan made and my blog post ready to go live when I doubled checked the TWD site. Too funny.

    My naan had a hard time browning as well. Still delicious!

  4. Glad you got them done and enjoyed them! They look perfect! I thought they were very good and will definitely make them again!

  5. :) i cooked the first 4 (all my pizza pan can hold!) for the recommended time, but the second batch, well, i kinda forgot about them in the oven while i was supervising my cousin's daughter with the chicken. those turned out a nice golden color :) so, yeah, more time is good for the color!

  6. Your naan looks great. So, even though it was a last minute thing, it turned out well. Good job!

  7. Your naan turned out so well! And the sprinkle of scallions over the top is so pretty.

  8. Looks great! Looking forward to seeing your version of the strawberry cake next week.


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