Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Tuesdays With Dorie-- White Loaves

"Do you like white bread?"  My 7 year old inquired of his classmate.  I was picking him up from school and the first thing he said when he saw me was "what can I have for a snack?"  "How about some of the bread I made"  I told him.  He was thrilled and immediately went to bragging to his classmate.

"Do you like white bread?"  He inquired.

"Huh?"  Was his response.  His mother who was walking out with him had the polite 'your kid is kind of odd' look on her face.

"I LOVE white bread"  He continued.

"Ohhh" the mother responded politely.  Truth be told "white" bread is scarce in our house.  Bread of the whole wheat variety is more often found in our kitchen.  I guess white bread is something to get excited for.

"My Mom made it"  he bragged.  The mother looked up.

"You made it?"  she asked with a slight look of awe on her face.

I guess awe is in order for making bread now days.  Though the taste of this bread might be awe inspiring it is not nearly as difficult to make as it sounds.  It is about as basic as bread can be.  Combine yeast, water, and sugar.  Wait a few minutes for the yeast to get going, add flour, salt and butter.  Knead, let rise, and shape into loaves.  That's it!  Bread making, especially white bread, is not a mysterious art.  This recipe from Baking with Julia, is the prefect first recipe for Tuesdays with Dorie.  Bread really is a kick off to baking.  Check out the recipe at Someone's in the Kitchen.  Or pick up a copy of Baking with Julia and get started making it yourself.


  1. All I heard from that kid for days was "I'm hungry. Can I have some white bread?"

  2. That's funny! When my boys were small they'd love it when I'd make bread. They could eat an entire loaf before it was really even ready to eat! Chocolate tarts next. Wonder what he'll think of that!

  3. I had a Bosch for years when my 6 kids were young. It was wonderful kneading big batches for wheat bread. I love my Kitchen Aid as an empty nester now.
    I loved this recipe, the dough was wonderful to work with. Nothing is better than the smell of bread cooking. Your little guy looks like he is in heaven!
    Welcome to TWD, an awesome baking group.

  4. So funny. People will think you are an amazing baker for all of the baking you will be doing with the group. The bread looks great, and it sounds like it was well enjoyed!

  5. I hear you - whenever my girls have friends over, they are always bringing out the "goods" (bread, etc.) for their friends. I think their friends see me as some kind of pioneer woman or something :-)
    Looking forward to the TWD adventures to come!

  6. Love your picture and story, the best result of homemade bread! ~Piebird

  7. My kids love white bread too (they call it 'soft bread'). During the last TwD they got very spoiled by the goodies that were coming out of the kitchen. I'm sure they'll be glad the new one has started.

  8. Cute story! I'm glad you all enjoyed the bread.


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