Tuesday, April 17, 2012

TWD Lemon Loaf Cake

It was Easter Sunday and we were busy getting our assigned dishes ready for our family get together. I was bringing multiple dishes and I decided to bring the Lemon Loaf Cake from Baking with Julia. I was cooking multiple dishes and couldn't take the time to make anything too difficult. This fit the bill perfectly. I used my frozen lemon zest and had the batter put together in less time than it took my oven to preheat. I quickly put it in the oven and was able to cook my other dishes while it baked. I had to leave for dinner as soon as it was done so I only had time to take a quick picture on the cooling rack.

 I used my silicone bread pan (I don't recommend them), and that would account for the wide squat loaf and too dark crust. But the taste was still great. I know some people who baked this recipe thought it was too lemony and others not lemony enough. The recipe calls for the zest of three large lemons. That's not very specific. The size of your lemons and of course your personal taste will vay how lemony your loaf is. I used three tablespoons of my frozen lemon zest and I thought it had a mild but distinctly lemon taste. In the future I might do as treats did and add a lemon glaze to up the lemon flavor. The recipe can be found on Treats blog, The beauty of Life, and of course in Baking with Julia. I haven't loved every TWD recipe I've tried but this one will make the list to make again.


  1. This was an excellent recipe--I love how it cam together. I did glaze my cake. Nothing but wonderful.
    I like your post on freezing zest--great idea. I often want to buy the bags at Costco but wonder how I would use all of them.
    I'm also eying your Chocolate Chunk Oatmeal Cookie.
    Looks like you are going on my reader--I don't want to miss a recipe!

  2. I, too, bought a bunch of silicone pans when they were all the rage. And I, too, don't recommend them. At least you still use yours.

    Your loaf looks really good, and I love the idea of frozen lemon zest.

  3. I love having frozen juice and zest in the freezer. One less step in a busy kitchen! I think your loaf turned out great. Not too dark at all.

  4. Glad to hear that you would try this one again. Great job despite the silicone pan. (I almost used mine, I am glad I didn't now!)

  5. The crust doesn't look too dark to me in your picture. good to know how you and others feel about silicone pans.

  6. This did come together easily, didn't it?
    I agree with Marilyn - your crust doesn't look dark at all.

  7. I think I completely misread the instructions and put the zest of 4 lemons. Maybe that's why I thought it had a nice lemon flavor! I'm glad you enjoyed this one - I also loved how easy it was.


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