Tuesday, October 30, 2012

TWD rewind Popovers

This recipe was supposed to be done in August but before I knew it, it was the day to post and I hadn't made it.  "Oh well," I thought "I guess I'll have to skip this one."   Oh why didn't I even look at the recipe?  This recipe takes about three minutes to put together.  The directions are just dump everything in the blender and give it a whirl.

I did make a few changes to the recipe.  First of all I only had one extra large egg and the recipe called for three.  I cut the recipe in half and the one egg was perfect (some other bakers complained of it tasting eggy).  I also cut down on the baking time based on the other posts I read.  In total I knocked off about 10 minutes.  I wouldn't have wanted them baked a second longer.

They didn't totally wow me with how good they taste--they were good but not amazing.  But since they were so incredibly easy to make I might make them again and experiment to see how I like them best.

The recipe can be found at Vintage Kitchen Notes, at Bake with Amy and of course in Baking with Julia


  1. Your popovers got so nice and puffy! Popovers were very popular for this post. And I am almost believing everyone when they say they are easy to make. I still feel they'll be daunting. But I am close to giving them a try!

  2. I also baked the popovers and I also used 2 eggs instead of 3 :) I like how yours have popped.

  3. Thanks for the egg and timing suggestion. I skipped this the first time around so I"ll be sure to keep your tips in mind. Looks great!

  4. Glad you made them, we quite enjoyed them--but I like eggs!


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