Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Hot Chocolate Ice Cream Cone

I have the perfect ice cream cone for December.  This ice cream cone will warm you up rather than leave you reaching for your jacket.  A friend gave me one similar to this years ago and I had to do the idea for my neighbor gifts.  It is incredibly simple to make and of course cute and yummy to receive.  

Start with your favorite hot chocolate mix.  I am not posting a recipe here because I don't have a homemade mix recipe that I love.  I've made a few and they are all just fine but not great.  If you have a favorite recipe let me know.  I would love to try it.

Measure enough hot chocolate mix into a Disposable Decorating Bag for the family you are giving it to.  Normally four servings make a great ice cream cone.  Next, pour on a small layer of mini chocolate chips.  Now if you are using a particularly fine powder cocoa mix then you will might have a layer of cocoa powder lining the top of the bag.  Now would be the time to wipe that away before you add your marshmallows or you will end up with brown marshmallows which do distract from the cuteness of your ice cream cones.

If you bag is fairly clean add a "scoop" of marshmallows and top with a Very Cherry Jelly Belly or two (a red gumdrop would also work well but Jelly Belly's just taste so much better.  Tie up the top portion of you bag and don't forget heating instructions (and how much water or milk to add) and you are done.

Cute neighbor gift, and super easy.

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