Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Absolute Best, Easiest Buttered Popcorn.

Sunday nights were special at my house growing up.  It was a Sunday night tradition.  We would pop popcorn, drink soda (this was the only time we regularly drank soda at my house), and we would have some candy (if we were good during church).  Then we would gather together as a family and watch Wonderful World of Disney.  Did you watch that too?  I think Sunday nights were my favorite time of the week spent with my family.   I remember as a kid my family popping popcorn on the stove.  Then we got an air popper (I believe it was a gift when my brother got his braces off).  Popcorn kernels, melted butter, oil for the stove.  No microwave popcorn.  I was excited when I was a teenager and my parents finally bought microwave popcorn.  The excitement quickly wore off when I realized that microwave popcorn was covered with butter flavored powder that left a weird film in my mouth.

It may seem silly to give a recipe for popcorn but sadly people are stuffing their faces with mediocre (at best) microwave popcorn.  I want my popcorn to taste of butter, not butter flavor powder.   Popcorn is the favorite snack in my house and we have enlisted a new tool to make fantastic popcorn in only 3 minutes.  It's so easy even my nine year old makes popcorn.  We have a whirley pop.   Do you have one?  Are you in love with it?  It's easy to use and it only leaves about 3 or 4 unpopped kernels at the bottom of the bowl (unlike microwave popcorn which will leave you a quarter cup unpopped).

The other secret is Nucoa margarine.  Instead of using oil use the Nucoa.  Nucoa does not burn, so you can cook the popcorn directly in the Nucoa and then you don't need to butter your popcorn when you are done. Nucoa can be found by the other margarine in most grocery stores.

1/3 cup Popcorn seeds
3 Tablespoons Nucoa Margerine.

To your Whirley Pop add popcorn seeds, and nucoa, and turn it on to medium (when the heat is too high the popcorn pops up funny and is not as fluffy).  When you hear it start to pop turn the hand crank until the popping stops.  Viola!  Perfect popcorn!  You can salt it if you wish but I think it is perfect with out.

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  1. My life wasnt complete until whirley pop. Also a family biz makes the poppera 15 mins from my hometown in Indiana, although I live in Hawaii now😀

    I have 4 boys. Easy, cheap, healthful snack. Tastes universes better than microwave. 1/2 cup popcorn, 3 TBsp coconut oil. Really try the coconut oil. Its as much as a difference as microwave popcorn is to whirleypop. Also whole foods sells several different kinds of popping corn in the bulk scoop section....99 cents a lb!!!!


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